5T Management Beliefs

5T Management takes an innovative approach to property management and is motivated by a belief that the vibrancy of a community can be restored.  5T's core beliefs are tenant relations, quality housing, safety, and innovation.


5T Management Approach

5T's property management approach is based on business, property ownership, real estate development, facilities and construction management, and customer relationship expertise.  5T Management understands the core of property management and strives to protect the investment of the property owner.  5T's goal is to focus on the maximum return on the property owner's real estate investment while minimizing expenses.  All property management programs are developed to satisfy the specific needs of each client.  5T strives for quality customer service and enters the tenant relationship with a desire to serve.  5T is dedicated to improving the quality of life of tenants by implementing management standards that are responsive to tenant needs to successfully provide quality, safe, and clean properties.  Each managed property is managed as if it were "one of our own!"


Client List

Cole Taylor Bank

Community Investment Corporation

Diamond Bank

Federal National Mortgage Association

Local and out of state investors

Urban Partnership Bank

US Bank